Friday, April 15, 2016

Sports Jam

I don't watch television very often.  But when I do, I only watch three things: NASCAR racing, WWF Wrestling, and the Channel 12 Sports Jam.  Yesterday, the news trickled down to me from Assistant Coach Sara that we'd succeeded in signing Michaela Keller-Miller from Wayzata, Minnesota. I have a history with Wayzata that goes way back to 1986, the first time I laid eyes on Lake Minnetonka. When I heard the news that Michaela will be joining our team in the fall, I immediately recognized her name and went down to the basement to see what kind of footage I could find in my old Sports Jam film archives. Thanks to my meticulous filing system, it wasn't long before I found what I was looking for.

(Click on the Trojan on MKM's forehead for a link to the Sport Jam Interview)
(Michaela may or may not know that one of the most influential role models in my life, Muffy Ritz, also grew up along the verdant shores of Lake Minnetonka. I hope Michaela is prepared to hear a bunch of Muffy stories when she arrives in Alaska in September.)

We look forward to having Michaela join our team as a Seawolf!

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