Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Little Of This. A Little Of That.

Springtime in a city that had the worst winter in its history means that there wasn't much skiing in town lately. In a normal year, the grooming crew would be making their last trips around the city ski trails with the Pisten Bully machine and warning people to get out skiing now because the snow will all be melted within the next few days.  But this year, the trails are completely dry and ready for mountain biking. There are already leaves on the trees, and everything is one month ahead of schedule.

Fortunately, there's still some good skiing to be had in the mountains near town.

Backcountry skiing in the Chugach.

Hatcher Pass still has great groomed ski trails thanks to Jeff Case and Ed Strabel.
It's still winter in Hatcher Pass
The crust skiing is coming together at Center Ridge.

You'll find no better crust than the crust we found at Center Ridge last weekend.
Sara and Andrew invited me along on a little Turnagain Arm recon mission this morning with Zach and Calisa.

Everyone looks pretty relaxed except for me, trying to stay focused and keep up so I don't get left for dead out on the trail.


  1. Nah man... You're just living and striding

  2. And we'd never leave you for dead...you're integral!