Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Vacation

Every day, our small army of UAA Ski Team Blog call center employees fields a steady stream of callers inquiring about the latest issues regarding the blog and the ski team.  But lately, the call volume has swelled to a crescendo of angry callers, wondering why they are not getting regular blog updates, with some claiming to be suffering the ill effects of "UAA Ski Team Blog withdrawal syndrome".

Well, I have bad news for you all:  The Blog staff is currently doing research for the summer on a variety of blog-related issues, as well as taking care of summer-related issues.  (My motorcycle isn't going to ride itself; these salmon aren't going to catch themselves; the lawn isn't going to mow itself, if you know what I mean.)

Having already visited Smithers, BC earlier this summer to conduct research (see earlier post), the Blog has received permission from the board of directors to do additional field work in Lukas' hometown in the Black Forest, Marine's hometown in the French Alps, and Steffi and Karl's hometown in Bavaria. I leave tomorrow.

Here's a short photo update, which will have to suffice until the staff can get back in the swing of things when our ski team reassembles at the end of August and we resume team training again.

Word on the street is Pati's been climbing every damn mountain in Switzerland this summer.

Rain or shine.  Doesn't matter.  Notice the ski poles.

At first, they let me write a blog.  But now I've been allowed into the inner sanctum - television!  I hope soon to be King Of All Media.  You can watch the whole thing at This Link to Mt. Marathon Race Coverage   Former Seawolf Ski Teamer Eric Strabel won the race!