Friday, April 1, 2016

Guns in School

Pati, Mario and Andrew continue their adventure on the Seward Peninsula. Due to high winds, their airplane was unable to land in Brevig Mission and had to drop them off in Teller instead, about seven or eight miles to the south. From there, they skied the rest of the way into town. So far so good...

This is the airplane that took our firends most of the way to Brevig Mission.
Who put Pati in the back seat? When I fly with a Sprecher, the Sprecher always sits in the copilot seat.
Nobody puts Baby in a corner.
This reminds me of late nights prepping UAA ski team skis for races with Andrew and Sara. I think some former Seawolves managed to find this same patch of gravel with their race skis. Probably limboing this same guardrail.
Mario always gets ready for a long day of skiing with a couple of breakfast corn dogs.
There's a ground blizzard in Brevig Mission today, with winds whipping in off the Arctic Ocean and reducing visibility to nothing, so the group had to call an audible and move to Plan B: biathlon training. Subsistence hunting is an integral part of  life in this region, so I'm guessing these kids already know their way around a rifle pretty well. The ironic thing will be Mario telling his friends back in Italy that he came here and taught kids how to shoot guns in school.

As for me, I'm in Juneau today, waiting for a flight to take me to Skagway for the best ski race in the world - the Buckwheat Classic! Word on the street is I'm finally going to get my chance to go head to head with Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw this weekend. I should be ready - I've been resting up all winter.

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