Monday, April 11, 2016

She Didn't Drop Her Poles

It's getting to be an annual tradition. This sort of event was made for people like Hanna.  For as long as Hanna remains in Alaska, she's going to put on her skis and jump into cold water every April. It's in her nature.  I dare you to try to stop her.  You can't.  Hanna's not going to use fat skis (training wheels for aspiring skiers). She's not going to use alpine bindings either. Hanna will break all the rules.  Hanna uses skate skis - the skinniest ones she can get her hands on. And she jumps with ski poles. You can hear announcer Bob Lester, screaming at Hanna that she's got to DROP HER POLES! But does Bob Lester know how to ski? Does he know Hanna? Does he know how much those Swix Triacs cost? No, of course he doesn't.  Hanna's doesn't need advice from Bob Lester. Hanna has her own style. Hanna was born for Slush Cup days. And Slush Cup days were made for Hanna.

I'm not usually one for overstatement, but Hanna got VERY good height and distance on this jump!
Here's NCAA All-American Sean Alexander rounding off a back flip.
Sean was the faster man in the gates this winter, but Tony Naciuk's backflip looks downright beautiful.
Tony from another angle. No less graceful.
Okay... somewhat less graceful.
One of these years, she's going to stick the landing and skim all the way across the pond. Just wait and see...

ps. In case you were wondering, those triacs survived the day just fine. To dredge up an old theme (again), imagine if it was Skiwolf Alum Lukas Ebner in that red swimsuit. Those triacs wouldn't have even made it into the car for the drive to Girdwood without snapping.

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