Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Duktige Killar

Lasse - not in Copenhagen
You remember Lasse Moelgaard-Nielsen, don't you?  He's the guy who, even as I write this sentence, is becoming an all-star attorney in the rough and tumble world of Copenhagen jurisprudence. It was only a few short years ago that Lasse was racing for UAA at the NCAA Championships in Vermont. Lasse was a damn fast skier, but that's not unusual. What is unusual is that such a fast skier comes from a place like Copenhagen - not exactly known as a winter sports mecca. So it's a proven fact that fast skiers can come from places without much snow or any significant topographical relief.  But Lasse wasn't afraid to travel great distances for his skiing. The pursuit of snow took him to the Alps, to northern Scandinavia, even to China.  And eventually to Alaska. Man, that guy was not afraid to put his traveling shoes on and go!

Lasse in a Green Mountain state of mind.
One of Lasse's favorite training partners was Viktor. Viktor is not from Copenhagen. He's from Norbotten. Now, I'm not really what you'd consider a man of consistency and routine, but I do have one unbreakable rule: Never -  NEVER! - begin the day without checking Viktor's blog to see what's going on in Norbotten.  And so it was that I checked Viktor's blog this morning (as always) and found out that he'd gone skiing with Zacke Toresson at Kanis the day before. I was pleased.

Ett skatepass förra veckan tillsammans med Zacke! Bilden är från toppen av Kanisbacken.
Zacke at Kanis
Zacke may not know it yet, but he's got a lot in common with our friend Lasse.  For one thing, they're pretty much neighbors, separated by only the thinnest sliver of Baltic Seawater. It's just a quick 15-minute wade from Zacke's house in Varberg, Sweden over to Lasse's place in Copenhagen to borrow some sugar and a couple eggs. I know you think that Sweden is north of Denmark. But you don't have to be a cartographer to know that a significant chunk of Denmark is north of Varberg (and I'm not talking about Greenland). 

If you're from Varberg and you want to be a fast skier, you'll have to do like Lasse and put on your traveling shoes. And a few years back, that's just what Zacke did. He climbed on his bike and rode north across the length of Sweden until he ended up in Älvsbyn, where there's plenty of snow and plenty of ski racers. He's been getting lots of exercise attending the ski academy in Älvsbyn - his home away from home - and the word on the street is all that ski training's made him pretty light on his feet. It's time for Zacke to really spread his wings. It's time for him to come to Alaska.  And we'll be glad to have him.

The journey across the globe next fall shouldn't be nothin' but a thing for Zacke. Like Lasse, you can't hang around the Copenhagen suburbs all your days and expect to magically turn into a champion ski racer. Zacke has been chasing this sport around for quite a number of years now, so I don't expect our frequent UAA Ski Team air travel schedule around the USA will cause him any heartburn. 

Viktor.  Bird Whisperer
I'm glad to see Zacke has been hanging out with Viktor. Anyone who can stay within sight of Viktor has to know his way around a pair of skis pretty well. All of the board of directors, management, staff and interns here at UAA Ski Team Blog World Headquarters here in Spenard are happy to announce that Zackarias Toresson will be a Seawolf next year. Welcome to your new home away from home, Zacke!

I assume this is Zacke. I grabbed it off the internet. Who knows...

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