Saturday, April 23, 2016


I thought I'd seen all the giant beasts.  In '92 I went to visit my college roommate in Hayward Wisconsin and saw the giant muskie.

I've seen the giant walleye in Garrison, Minnesota.

A couple years ago, I rode my motorcycle through Bemidji, Minnesota and came face to face with Paul Bunyan.

I've never seen the giant mosquito in Canada. And I'm not going to. It's too freaky.
mosquito statue

But last week I got a report from Sara. She's been spending some time in Ambler and Shungnak, teaching kids how to ski.  She came across the biggest wolf sculpture I've ever seen.
That wolf dwarfs the hills of western Alaska.
It's 25 miles from Ambler to Shungnak as the crow flies.  It's longer via sno-go trail.
Trust me, I know how this kid feels.  I feel the same way every time we're on a UAA racing trip and Sara and Andrew tell me, "We're going to wax all these skis for tomorrow's race."
Sara with seven friends

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  1. You're on fire with the blog posts today Mr. Mittens! I love it.