Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Québécois Superstar!

I'm sure by now you know who our UAA Ski Team media darling is. It's Étienne, of course. He's been getting big air time in Québéc for years - all over the radio, television, and print media. His has been a household name in the eastern half of Canada for as far back as I can remember, and you can't hardly cross the border without hearing "Étienne this" and "Étienne that"...  My sister called me just the other day from her home in northern Vermont to ask me "Who is this Étienne character and why do I keep hearing about him every time I turn on the damn radio in my car?" I even heard a rumor that during the UAA Ski Team's recent afternoon of filming and interviews with our local news media in Anchorage, at least one journalist asked, "Can we keep interviewing Étienne for the rest of the afternoon, and then can we take him back to our TV studio?"

Like any big celebrity, Étienne would like some private time once in a while.  He'd like to escape the prying eyes of the press and paparazzi, even if just for a week or so.  That's why he traveled home to the Gaspésie during the holiday break to spend some quiet time with his family before our ski racing season really gets underway. But of course there's no escape from the media for a man like Étienne.  

Check out CBC's latest Étienne Richard Television Special here!

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