Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Change of Plans

When Lucky left here last week, I thought he had a pretty solid plan. He was headed to central Europe to ski in some important German qualifying races on December 6 and 7 (that's this weekend). I think he told me there wasn't much snow in Germany, so he would probably start with some training in the Alps somewhere.

Next thing I know, Lucky is headed to Sweden! To Älvsbyn in Norrbotten. There's snow there, there's ski racing there... why not?  And don't we know someone who lives in Älvsbyn?

Have you ever wanted to learn Swedish, but just never found a good enough reason to do so?  Maybe you didn't think you'd use it enough to make all that studying worthwhile?  Well, here's your reason to learn Swedish

(There will be a quiz later.  For extra credit, you can read this.)

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  1. hahaha so funny that picture credit remi dusser