Friday, December 19, 2014

Rhymin' and Glidin'

Hey Homies!

Just like everyone else, I love hip-hop. Who doesn't?!  And just like everyone else, I know that the epicenter of urban style and culture is Vermiglio, Trentino. That's why I go there every chance I get.

But I like skiing, too.

Sometimes in life we need to make tough decisions.  You can't always have your hip-hop and your skiing at the same time and same place. Sometimes these two things are mutually exclusive. But not at Passo del Tonale, just up the street from Vermiglio. If you go to Passo del Tonale, you're going to see and hear some things you've never experienced before. The words "artistic expression" will never mean quite the same thing to you again. Our friend Mario Roncador is a true master of urban style, grace, athleticism and freeform rap. Here's how Mario combines art and sport:

For Mario, this ain't nothin' but a thing.

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