Thursday, December 11, 2014

This n' That

A few weeks ago, Lukas told me that he was flying off to the Black Forest to do some qualifying races and try to ski for Germany in some OPA Cup races in the Alps. Next thing I know, Viktor tells me that Lucky has shown up on his doorstep in Sweden with no bags, no luggage, no skis, no nothing, but wants to get into some races in Sweden and hang out with Viktor for a while. Then, this evening, I was driving across town and I saw this sign beside the road:

So I guess this means Lucky's headed back to China. This isn't Lukas' first time ski racing in China, but it is his first time doing it during the winter:
You don't have to look too closely to see that Lucky's wearing a Swedish jacket.  What would Angela Merkel think of this?
Considering the amount of time this man spends in Asia, I'm going to be pretty disappointed if I hear that he's not fluent in Mandarin by the end of this trip.

Meanwhile, we still don't have much snow in Anchorage, but it seems we're still better off than most of Scandinavia, most of Central Europe, and the southern portion of the USA. Today we had a guest at our workout at the Hillside trails. Dominik Notz came out skiing with us this morning. You may recognize the name.  His brother Florian is a rising star on the German national ski team. His dad Dieter wasn't a bad skier, either.

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