Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Learning to Breathe

As always happens in mid-December, the team scatters to the ends of the earth during the holidays, to reunite in the beginning of January for the first RMISA college races of the season in Utah.  Head coach Andrew is in winter’s icy grip in Michigan at the US National Championships with David, Mackenzie, Smiley, John and Brandon. 

Manon flew in to Utah from France yesterday.  Mario flew in from Italy. Etienne, Kathi, and Pati have been in Park City, and Clement has been in Salt Lake City. Davis and I flew in from Alaska with assistant coach Sara. 

Our first RMISA races of the season will be Sunday and Monday. 
That's all I have to say for now. 
Here are some pictures:

This is what I saw on TV at the rental car agency in Salt Lake City.
In the team house.
Kathi and Manon
Pati, Kathi, Manon
Lunch on the deck at our team house
An afternoon run
Mario training his lungs

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