Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Wildcard LadyPop

We've all made it back home to Anchorage, despite the best efforts of "The Rock" to extend the ski trip by breaking his seat belt on the Seattle to Anchorage flight segment. Our results in the Utah Invitational RMISA results were a mixed bag, but there was some positive stuff happening over the weekend, and we're in good position as we get into the heart of the racing season.

Mackenzie and Kathi.
Mackenzie second in the skate race. This was her best college result yet.
The skis-to-skier ratio is very high on this team.
Kathi was in charge of this meal, but she had help.
Coaches Andrew and Sara in their natural habitat. How do you wax an entire garage full of skis? One ski at a time.
OK, the garage was not warm.  But it wasn't as cold as Kathi is making it out to be.
The daily team meeting. Here's a confession: it's one of my favorite parts of each day. (Along with team-stretching.)
After seven years with the US Biathlon Team, Coach Sara has become a seasoned traveler who has learned how to find a calm, peaceful island of calm anywhere, away from the noise and commotion of the team. John Farr The Freshman certainly proved himself on his first RMISA road trip, scoring points for the team in his first weekend of racing, engineering the tie-down of the ski bags in the truck, and generally making himself useful around the house to the extent that at one point I heard Coach Andrew tell him, "John, stop washing dishes and let someone else do some work around here..." Anyway, we sent John on a mission to find Sara, and look where he found her hiding out - in the kitchen cupboards! Who knew?

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