Thursday, January 8, 2015

Leisure Sports

This team eats well.  And we eat well because our skiers are good chefs. Anyone who knows me knows that I can survive just fine on some old bread crumbs and the occasional chunk of moldy cheese. But when I travel with the UAA Ski Team, there's no end to the epicurean delights on hand! And being the international squad that we are, we are international cuisine tourists, as each skier takes their turn in the kitchen. We've eaten our share of Alaska salmon and moose stew, but I also still remember Pati's hörnliauflauf from last year in Utah.  Yesterday we enjoyed some of Kathi's apfelbrot on the deck. And Étienne never goes on the road without his beloved sirop d’érable.

Tonight, it was Clément's turn at the oven, with Manon as sous-chef, which means quiche was on the menu, and I'm not talking about that frozen stuff you get at Costco.  I'm talking about the real thing, just the way they make it back home in Beaufort!

I'm talkin' about quiche!
Here's an interesting piece of info you wouldn't know unless you lived here: Those two slices of toast came out of the toaster Tuesday morning and have been sitting in that spot ever since. 
Leisure sports. We're a team of many talents. Pool is not one of them.
We ski in the mornings, and we do some light exercise in the afternoon. Usually that means a short jog and some strength. This afternoon, conditions allowed for a game of volleyball in the yard behind our team house.

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