Tuesday, March 11, 2014

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Our Nordic team had hoped for better results than what we achieved at NCAA's this year.  We were healthy (for the most part), we'd had pretty consistent results all winter, we had one of the fastest women and one of the fastest men in the RMISA in Marine and Lukas, we were coming off several weeks of racing and training at high altitude, and we felt relaxed and prepared.  But somehow the results just didn't come together the way they sometimes do, and the way we'd hoped.  All of our skiers reported that they felt a little bit "flat", or "lacking that top racing gear" and they all felt unsatisfied with results that were somewhat below what they'd achieved all year.  What was the reason?  It's hard to say.  Of course it could be a variety of things, or a combination of things.  Maybe we'll figure it out later, after the season is over, or maybe after several more years of racing, or coaching, when things become clearer in hindsight, in the context of several other similar experiences.  Or maybe we'll never quite figure it out.  That's the nature of learning and experience.

Of course, the results weren't disastrous; they just weren't as good as we were hoping for.  Lukas was All-American in both races, with his best-ever NCAA Nationals finish in the classic race.  And Marine was All-American in the skate race.  But both of them were among the favorites to win a race at NCAA's.  And Etienne and Mackenzie scored points, but both had had better results during other RMISA races.  But that's how it is with racing.  If we knew the results beforehand, we wouldn't bother racing.

The coaches arrived at Soldier Hollow around sunrise to start testing and found dreamy, firm skating conditions.

Early in the men's race.

Lukas leading the field during the first lap.

Second of four laps for the men.  Lukas in third and Etienne in around eighth.

Marine - about 1km into the women's race.

Andrew and Marine.

Pop quiz:  Which person is overdressed? (answer below)
All of us - Alpine, Nordic and coaches (except Sean and Vanessa)
Though I enjoy traveling, I also the descent back into Anchorage, when I can scope out new backcountry ski routes.

The Turnagain Pass area.
Since we returned to Anchorage two days ago, it's snowed more than two feet in the mountains, so there should be plenty of fun to be had out there!

(ɹǝıʞs ʎɹnqǝןppıɯ ǝɥʇ :ɹǝʍsuɐ zınb)

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  1. Thanks for the update Adam! It is a shame that thinks didn't work out as planned..