Saturday, March 15, 2014

Winter Has Arrived In Anchorage

On this very week twelve years ago, I was the coach for Team Alaska at the Arctic Winter Games in Greenland.  As we were boarding our chartered jet for Nuuk, Greenland's capitol, the Anchorage weather forecast was calling for perhaps an inch or two of snow the following day.  But we ended up with almost two and a half feet, pretty much shutting down the city for a day. (Please review this "extended abstract" and translate it into plain American for me) I came home the next week to find my house buried under snow, but my friend Chad had come over to my house and shoveled my driveway while I was gone. I still owe you, buddy!

This afternoon, the weather service was forecasting two inches of snow for this evening.  Earlier this evening, they upped it to three to six inches.  A couple hours ago they raised it to six to eleven inches.  But I've already measured almost a foot at my house and now it's doing this:
Recognize this picture?  It's the same photo I take every damn time it snows around here.
How much more snow will we get tonight?  I don't know. Why are you asking me?  I'm not the weather man.  For all I know, I might have jinxed it with this blog post and it'll stop snowing as soon as I hit the "publish" button.  

I'm just happy to say that it looks like now we'll be able to have the SuperTour Finals at Kincaid Park as planned next week instead of moving the races across town to the Hillside trails.  Everyone was grumbling about how they didn't want the races to move to Hillside.  (editor's note:  I was probably the only one grumbling about it; I didn't actually hear anyone else complaining.)

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