Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NCAA Championships Day 1

Niko Harmanen got us off to a good start today with a 3rd place finish in the men's giant slalom this afternoon.  Congratulations Niko!

Lucky, Cousin Etienne, and Smiley made it over to the alpine hill to support the alpine team.  They said they had a great time and came back inspired for tomorrow.  

As for us coaches, we spent the day and most of the evening in the wax cabin. We have everything lined up and ready for tomorrow's 5k / 10k classic races.

Last night at the NCAA Banquet my friend Luke Bodensteiner, who is now a bigwig with the US Ski Team, was giving his speech and he told the audience that today's NCAA athletes get a lot more spiffed up for the NCAA's than back in 1993 when he was at NCAA's in Utah.  He was partly right about that and partly wrong.  The 1993 NCAA's weren't in Utah.  It was the 1991 NCAA's that were in Utah.  I know because I was there too, as Luke and are the same age and skied NCAA together. But he was definitely right when he said today's NCAA skiers are a lot more classy than we were.  Here's proof.  Check out the photo of our UAA skiers, taken last night at the banquet:
And this picture of just our UAA Nordic skiers:

And now compare that to this picture of my old University of Wyoming nordic ski team, taken at NCAA's in Utah in 1991:
See what I mean? The only things that match on this team are the sandwiches Joe and I are eating.

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