Friday, March 21, 2014

US Nationals and SuperTour Finals Start Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be the first race in a week of races that will feature the strongest fields in North America this year.  Saturday and Sunday will be SuperTour Finals: A 10km / 15km individual start skate race Saturday and a classic sprint race on Sunday.  Tuesday afternoon will be the club championship 4x5km mixed relay, and Friday will be the 30k / 50k mass start national championships.  The entire national team is in town for the races, as is the entire Olympic Team minus two skiers. Virtually all of the best skiers in the country, as well as many of the best college skiers in the country will be here.  We'll be racing the first three races at Kincaid Park, and the final race will be at the Hillside trail system.  You can get all the results here (including live timing, possibly): Link to Race Results.  And you can get more information about the races here: Event Website. And you can read an article about it here: Newspaper Article.

And if that doesn't keep you busy enough, you can look at these pictures of volcanoes and mountains that I took out the window of an airplane yesterday while flying back from the Aleutian Islands:

Kenai Mountains.

Harding Icefield

Iliamna Volcano with smoke.

Shishaldin Volcano

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