Monday, March 3, 2014

Tee Time

The team is well into championship-preparation mode with some backyard golf, our annual pre-NCAA trivia contest with the alpine team this evening... and that's about it.  Wait - no! ...we did a little skiing, too.

There's plenty of snow - if you stay on the race trail. Some of our skiers have strayed from the prescribed route - at high speed.
The best of both worlds - summer and winter.

Andrew and Marine.

Synnove & Nicole discussing ski selection.

Here's Nicole exiting our team wax cabin with a flourish while Andrew works on digging his ditch.

Here's UAA Nordic Team Utah Headquarters.  I'm not kidding.  This is where we are living this week.

The great thing is you can watch Hermod's Hill and the Whale's Tail from the back patio of our team house.  I haven't told Andrew and Nicole yet, but I plan to take race splits from this vantage point and call them in via radio.

Backyard golf seemed like the appropriate afternoon activity.

The scene on our back patio.
This little fella keeps me company at night in my sleeping-closet, but apparently he startled a couple of our athletes who weren't expecting to see his smiling face looming out of the darkness.  For the record, we have two screams and backward-stumbles-to-the-floor.  Guess my little friend is doing his job.
And finally, here's a little video clip you might enjoy:

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