Friday, January 10, 2014

The American West

I'm on my first RMISA road trip in 22 years, and I have to say it feels damn good to be back.

We finished up our week of racing in Utah with the 20k and 30k races on Wednesday. UAA had solid results and was the second best Nordic team in the RMISA.  You can find out all the details at: Utah Invitational Results Here!

We hit the road yesterday, leaving Utah behind us and pulling into Bozeman, Montana about seven hours later. Today was a day of ski testing and waxing; tomorrow we race 5km and 10km individual-start classic events.

We rented our 2014 road fleet last week.  We won't return the rigs until mid-March.
Headed north

Here's UAA Ski Team Headquarters - Bozeman Division.
And here's the plaque in front of our team house.

Preparing for a training session at Bohart Ranch.
It was a bit breezy in the Start/Finish area...
...breezy enough that our ski bag blew away from us several times and the coach had to chase it down....
...but we came up with a solution; test skis as anchoring stakes.

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