Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Simple Plan

Tomorrow's a big day.  It's Day 2 of the University of Utah Invitational RMISA college race, and it's also the second of the two distance races here at the National Championships. The men will ski 30km at 10am, and the women will ski 20km at high noon.

Last year in this very same race, Viktor had a start position at the back of a large field. But his disadvantageous start position didn't deter him; he was leading the race by the 1km mark.

After our team dinner this evening, I noticed Étienne scribbling something on a piece of scrap paper.  When I looked over his shoulder, this is what I saw:
Étienne is bib #85.  He explained that this is his plan of attack from the start grid.
I like the looks of this. Viktor's spirit is still in full effect here on the UAA Ski Team.

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