Saturday, January 25, 2014

Danish Norway

Here at UAA Ski Team Blog World Headquarters, our staff of journalists, researchers and pundits makes a concerted effort to focus our attention on the current events regarding the team.  But there’s only so much we can write about the everyday hard work that goes into making this team what it is and occasionally, at one of our daily 7AM staff meetings, a writer will want to take on an investigative piece about something related to the team, but not directly concerning day-to-day team business.  Such was the case this morning, when our littlest cub reporter piped up with the idea that he wanted to do a preview of our Danish friend Lasse’s last weekend of racing as an elite skier. 

But with a little research, we found that we didn’t have to send one of our staff to Europe because the Danish Ski Federation already wrote about it, so we can just read their article at: Link to the Danish Federation's article

In case your Danish is a little rusty I’ll paraphrase the article.  The title asks “Who will win this year’s Danish Championships?”  And the text of the article basically says “Lasse Moelgaard-Nielsen will.”  The article goes on to say that Denmark had two elite athletes going head to head to make the Olympic Team this year, but the quota only allows for one athlete, meaning Martin Moeller will go to the Olympics and Lasse will race in the Danish Championships (being held in Norway) before starting law school next month.  The article continues to say that Lasse has gotten himself into Olympic-candidate form, and will now surely be motivated to put the rest of the field in their place at the Danish Championships.

Later, the article goes on to mention a favorite in the women’s race at the Danish Championships: Theresia Schnurr.  Theresia recently graduated from UAF, and will also be starting graduate school in Copenhagen soon.  What better excuse for a little trip to Norway before graduate school begins than the Danish Championships?

Stay tuned for our next article in which we ask the question:  Why hasn’t Mackenzie been showing up at ski practice lately?!

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