Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet the Freshman - Synnøve Bruland

Fans of the UAA Ski Team have been sending in fan mail, calling, faxing and e-mailing me for months, asking the same damn question every time:  When are we going to get to see an interview with Synnøve Bruland?!  It's gotten so bad I've had to change my mailing address, e-mail address, fax number and phone number because these people are bothering me at all hours of the day and night, demanding to see Synnøve's freshman interview. Well, it hasn't been so easy, you know? The girl is secretive and elusive, and on the occasions when I've asked, she's told me she "doesn't do interviews with amateur journalists."

But I guess the Utah sun must have softened her position on granting interviews to amateurs, because I got her to open up and say a few words here:

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