Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cookies in Bed

Today we raced a classic race at Bohart Ranch, about 30 minutes north of Bozeman. We skied on new snow in heavy wind, far above 0 degrees celcius in some kind of Chinook. Most everyone in the race used no-wax "zero" bases. Results are here: Follow this link to the race results!

That's Bridger Bowl in the background
Pati (This is the exact moment she realized she'd forgotten to put her skis on.)
Coaches Andrew and Nicole late at night, hard at work.
Nicole moves fast, not only while skiing, but while ski-teching, too.
The view from my blogging station (foreground) of the team stretching station (background).
Which one is Ernie and which is Bert?  For a hint, check out the video below, paying careful attention to the pronunciation of the word "again", and I think you'll have your answer.
Étienne and Davis.... Ernie and Bert... Truthfully, I see very little difference.

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