Thursday, December 12, 2013

More WUG

Want to follow our skiers at the WUG?  Of course you do!  Here's how to do it like an internet pro:

Results for all events are here: WUG Results for All Events!

Here's an article about Lucky's first race:  Test Your German Comprehension Here!

And remember, these are the WUG skiers associated with UAA:

Patricia Sprecher (Switzerland)

Martin Kapšo (Slovakia)

Anna Berecz (Hungary)

Marine Dusser (France)

Lukas Ebner (Germany)
And finally, here's an interesting little photo I saw earlier today. It's the French women's ski team, I suppose, since they're all wearing French colors and Marine's in there.  And the guy in the middle in the back - I guess he must be a team liaison or something - seems reasonable enough.  But the guy in the back on the left... now that's a guy who concerns me a little bit...  Team bodyguard?  Italian stalker? Maybe a dude who thought he was going to a Star Wars convention?  Regardless, this is the kind of engaging photo I'd like to see more of from WUG.

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