Sunday, December 22, 2013

Big Rich Wins Big Trophy!

Here in Anchorage, we raced Besh Cup 2 at Kincaid Park - 10 and 15 km skating mass start races.  Results were mixed, and you can find them here: Besh Cup 1 and 2 Results.

Meanwhile, across the border in Yukon Territory, Canada, Étienne Richard was busy winning what appears to be the Stanley Cup (See photo below). It seems the Mt. MacIntyre trail system still holds some magic for Étienne.  Didn't he win a junior national championship there a few years ago? Anyway, this weekend it was the Don Sumanik Memorial Races, and although I couldn't find any results on the internet, the photo below makes it pretty clear who won.  And what's even better - he doesn't have to figure out how to get that big piece of hardware home.  It stays in the trophy case at Mt. MacIntyre with Étienne's name on it.  Forever.
Photo credit: David Greer

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