Sunday, December 8, 2013

Alaska Showdown Day 2

Once again, congratulations to UAF, who rocked us pretty hard this weekend.  I'm sure the results from the relay will be on the goseawolves website before long, so you can see them there if you're interested.  Or you could simply deduce the results by reading on this blog that this was a dual meet and the UAF skiers went faster than us.  Now look at some blurry photos:

The first leg in today's relay.




UAA and UAF giving each other the cold shoulder. Obviously, each team brought their own photographer.

If you were watching Channel 2 News last night, you got an earful of Pati, the UAA Ski Team spokesperson, laying down the cold, hard facts of the day.  Credit for this photo goes to Tim Williams, whom I did not ask before stealing it from him.  I don't know what Tim is studying in college, but I hope it's not law.

Do you prefer professional photos instead of the blurry ones that I like to take?  If so, check out Bill Roth's crisp, clear pictures of today's relay here:

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