Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hillside Then And Now

Today, this is what was happening at Hillside....
If they're a rock band, who's the lead singer?
Skiing Drills

....but on Sunday, this is what was happening at Hillside:

Alaska Cup Day 2 - Relay

(Thanks to Team Videographer, Bob Arnold!)


  1. I think that, without question, the lead singer has to be Brandon!

  2. Correct answer! Brandon is the tortured singer and lyricist.
    You, my friend, are the disgruntled lead guitarist, too talented for this band and just waiting for an opportunity to jump ship as soon as a better gig comes along.

  3. And with Dunlap on bass, Richard on Drums, and Loan on cowbell, this band finds itself on a crash course with destiny