Friday, February 15, 2013

Le Tricheur

We race a lot at high altitude, where even when you're going really hard, you're often not going very fast.  So we try to practice skiing fast when we get the chance. Today, we did a few sprints:
Davis, Viktor, Etienne

Marine, Karina, Tor

Here's what Etienne's thinking:  "Tabernacle!! Je me fais niker par le coach la, c'est vraiment de la merde!!! the way, if this wasn't supposed to be a "classic" workout, a little V2 skate action would be pretty sweet right about now.... and the coach can't see me since he's busy up there kicking my ass, so......"

"......why not?"

Busted!!! What Etienne failed to recognize is this is exactly the reason the Head Coach keeps a volunteer assistant coach around - to whistle-blow this kind of thing.

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