Friday, February 8, 2013

UAA Reunion at World Championships in Italy

Is there any American college team with more skiers at this year's Nordic World Championships than the UAA Ski Team?  (This is not a rhetorical question; I'm too lazy to do the research, so tell me the answer if you know.)  The 2011 UAA team is going to be very well-represented in Val di Fiemme: Lasse will be there. He's going to skip the RMISA Championships in Bozeman and will race at the World Championships instead, before coming back to the USA again for the NCAA Championships in Vermont in March. Lasse's teammate from 2011, Erik Bjornsen, has been one of the top American skiers this year and will be racing at the World Champs. And earlier this week, Martin Kapšo (2011) won the Slovakian national championships, which means he'll also be at the World Championships. Check out the details here: (If you don't speak Slovakian, I'll translate for you:  "šprint klasickou technikou" means "sprint classic technique" ...You're welcome.)  UAA even has it's own local fanclub. It's called Nevio Zeni.  And if I hear that Nevio isn't out there at Lago di Tesero in a Seawolf outfit with a boombox and a bottle of grappa, screaming his lungs out, making a nuisance of himself and flirting with ejection from the venue, I'll be very disappointed.
But it's not all about the World Championships:  Kjetil Dammen (UAA 2005-2006) was in Val di Fiemme recently, racing as a professional in the Marcialonga race for his team, United Bakeries.  He was fifth in the Marcialonga, and last weekend he was fourth in the Kønig Ludwig Lauf. Congratulations "BraDammen"!
Most Interesting Man in the World?  You decide.

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  1. Yeah Adam. And of course Sadie Bjornsen as well!