Friday, February 1, 2013

On the Road Again

Andrew made the comment to me earlier this week at Kincaid Park that the team seemed really big when we had everyone in the same place for the same workout.  But that only lasted for about eight days before the team split up again to head in several different directions again.

Etienne, John and Brandon are in Fairbanks for the weekend, where John and Brandon will attempt to qualify for the junior national championships, to be held later this winter in Fairbanks. For them, this weekend's races should give them a good preview of next month's junior national championship courses.  Etienne will not be using these races to try to qualify for anything, but just to get some good quality racing on some good race courses against (hopefully) some strong competition. 

The rest of the team flew overnight to Denver a couple days ago, where they picked up the van that they stashed at the airport a couple weeks ago with all their equipment and drove south to New Mexico. They raced today.  The team must have been a little tired from spending last week catching up on school and them traveling overnight and roadtripping it to Red River, because they didn't have their best results today.  Not surprising.  It's a tough to fly and drive 2,500 miles and 10,000 vertical feet and then try to be at your best the next day.  The team will race again tomorrow before roadtripping it to Crested Butte Colorado for a little 1-day training camp and then continuing to Utah for two more races next weekend.  Today's results are here:

New Mexico.  This weekend's races are not being held at this exact spot.

As for me, I spent the last couple days on Popof Island in the Pacific, in the rain. As usual, I enjoyed myself.
The backcountry skiing options are endless on the volcanos of the Aleutian Islands.

Sand Point, AK is a quiet place to spend a couple days.

Moments later, this eagle pecked my eyes out just for fun.

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