Thursday, February 14, 2013

He's not really superstitious

I love reading! I'm bonkers for books and nutty about novels!  Wherever you find me, you'll find a book nearby. I get a little panicky if I'm not surrounded by reading materials.  I can turn pretty much any item smaller than a ham sandwich into a bookmark. If it wasn't for cross-country skiing, I'd probably never leave the library. And there's nothing I love to read more than a good college newspaper. That's why when I woke up this morning on Kodiak Island, the first thing I did was walk down to the local 7-Eleven to buy a copy of this week's Northern Light, UAA's student newspaper of record. Mostly, I only buy the Northern Light for its photo spreads, but this week there was also a fascinating interview with Lucky, so I read that as well. You can read it, too - here:

Majoring in finance?  No.  Majoring in cool.

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