Friday, February 8, 2013

Back in the saddle

The team wanted to show themselves that last weekend's mediocre showing in New Mexico was the product of 2,500 grueling miles of overnight travel and a sudden decrease in atmospheric pressure.  They were quite confident that New Mexico was an anomaly, but of course there's always that little bit of doubt...
Typical Patricia. ...and Viktor.

Today, they put any doubts to rest.  Back down in the thick air that resides just below the FIS altitude limit, the team felt at home again, and were able to get back to the business of skiing fast.  The women won today's race with Marine 2.5 seconds out of the lead in the individual-start race in second. Pati had her best race yet, in fourth. And Karina was our third point-scorer in seventeenth.  The UAA men were third overall, with Lukas leading the team in fifth.  Viktor succeeded in having similar lap times on both trips around the 5k loop, and that earned him his best finish of the year so far, in seventh.  And Lasse was our third point-scorer in twelfth. Tomorrow, it's all about the mass-start skating action.
One of Assistant Coach Tor's grueling ski-trail rave dance-off workouts. Hour three: only Sarah and Davis can still hold their groove.

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