Saturday, October 13, 2012

Vicious Verrier Time Trial

Friday was the day for the second annual VVTT. 5.8 km uphill. Approximately 930 feet of elevation gain. ~22 minutes for the men; ~27 minutes for the women. This is just the second year for the VVTT, so there were ample opportunities to break old records. The men's course record was broken. The women's course record remains from last year. Every single skier set a new personal record. Of course, half our team is new this year and hasn't done this time trial before. But all the same, new personal records for everyone - not bad!
The pavement was not very soft today.



John and Davis

Cara, Lukas, Brandon

Maya and Marine


Endess calculations...

Here's a video clip of the last minute of Karina's time trial:


  1. Nice pictures again, with good skiiers :)
    Must say that the environment and nature is hard to beat.

  2. Mona, although I try to include approximately equal numbers of pictures of all the skiers on our team, I am forced to include photos of Viktor in every blog post because my statistics show that this year there are FAR more Swedes reading this blog than any other country except USA. So I know there will be a riot if I don't have some pictures of Viktor in each blog post! It's obvious that he has a lot of fans in Sweden!
    And besides, Viktor needs to steal my pictures for his own VB blog because he's too busy doing workouts to stop and take a bunch of pictures all the time...
    Thank you for looking at the blog. If nobody was reading it, I wouldn't bother to write in it very often.

  3. Okey Adam, nice to hear that your blog have lots of fans :) And I have noticed that lot of pictures at Viktors blog is the same as yours.
    We know that lots of people back home is missing him a lot, and so are we. Thats why it´s so nice to follow his and yours blog. We can follow his everyday life and he feels closer that way to :)
    Looking forward to more reading :)
    From VB´s Mum and Dad

    1. When I was Viktor's age, I moved to Scandinavia for a year or two, and then spent a lot of the next few years traveling around the world ski racing. My parents probably rarely knew where I was or if I was even still alive. I wasn't too interested in writing letters or buying postage stamps when there was training to be done and races to be raced. So even if we have some UAA skiers who are like I was -uncommunicative - their friends and family can look at the blog and find out that their friend/family member is still alive. It's amazing how far technology has brought us in the past 25 years and how much easier it is to communicate now.