Thursday, October 11, 2012

Good Day Sunshine

We're in the middle of an "intensity week", in which the focus is on hard, fast workouts.  Lots of heavy breathing, high heart rates, grimacing faces... Rollerskiing intervals on Monday, bounding with poles today, uphill rollerskiing time trial later this week.  Here's what we did today:

Karina and Brandon

Marine and Davis



Bears know a good interval hill when they find one.  This bear was probably hoping to join us for our workout, but got tired of waiting for us - we didn't arrive until around 9am.  It did its intervals and left before we got there.  
(By the way, I don't have tiny feet.  They're normal-size - 42)
In the afternoon, I flew to Kodiak Island to look at some houses.  Great timing!  Just when the sun finally comes out in Anchorage, I come down here to the land of rain and fog.  The previous 27 (3 days' worth) planes didn't make it into Kodiak due to bad weather.  The rain and fog lifted for an hour this afternoon for my plane to get in, then closed down again.  It's anyone's guess when I'll make it back out...
Anchorage this afternoon


  1. Okey, know I change my mind. Want Viktor to come home until the bears have fall asleep ;)

  2. Ha ha! Are you kidding me, Mona? Viktor's been telling us that the bears in Sweden are twice as big as Alaska bears. And twice as hungry, too!