Friday, October 19, 2012

Photos I took in the past 24 hours

I flew out to the Aleutian Islands yesterday for work.  Mount Iliamna is a volcano along the route:

The approach to Unalaska Island:

This morning.  Rollerskiing intervals at Potter Valley with Maya, Karina, and Cara:

And Patricia:

After ski practice, a quick afternoon flight to Cordova for work.  Here's the Chugach Mountains:

Glaciers flowing into Prince William Sound:

Downtown Cordova at 7pm on a Friday night looks something like this:

I never get tired of traveling to Cordova:



  1. Hmmm...Wonder if it´s gonna be a riot now ;)
    Just kidding! Cordova is very beautiful. :)

    1. I wanted to test my "riot" theory with this blog post. If the townsfolk burn down Boden Stadhuset tonight, let me know!