Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Scenes from this week

Today, we did some uphill double-pole intervals near Kincaid Park. 
Here's Andrew showing the technique he wants to see during the intervals.

Andrew waiting to jump in with Lucky and Viktor.

These four kept the pace high from start to finish.
 Meanwhile, I spent yesterday flying all around the Bristol Bay area for work.  I've been in bigger airports than the one in South Naknek. But none smaller.

Near Igiugik

I got really mad at myself, and I still am, for getting in this plane and flying to Igiugik when it was so heavily loaded in the tail. That front wheel is there for a reason - it's supposed to be on the ground. The stall warning alarm was buzzing like an alarm clock and I was stuffed way in the back of the plane telling myself I should have let this airplane go without me. Probably only the third or fourth time I've ever been scared in an airplane (and I fly three or four times every week).  I didn't follow my own rule about not getting in airplanes when I have doubts. But everything turned out OK in the end.

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