Sunday, October 21, 2012

Break Dancing

Andrew and Calisa's daughter, Sylvie, recently turned one year old.  The addition of Sylvie to the Kastning household has naturally changed the family's lifestyle somewhat during the past year.  For example, Andrew doesn't spend all night at the dance clubs anymore - he's happy just to get a good night's sleep.  Nevertheless, he remembers with fondness those clubbin' nights, when he would trot out all his new moves on the dance floor that he'd been working on all week.  For now, though, his audience is the UAA women's nordic ski team.  Andrew's tales of "annihilating" the biggest clubs from LA to London were met with skepticism by some of the girls on the team, so Andrew broke out a few of his classic moves at practice last week.  Clearly, the girls were not impressed; especially Karina, who said "I've seen funkier dance moves in Lommedalen!":

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