Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hatcher Pass Rollerski

Today was the day for a couple hours of easy uphill rollerskiing up Hatcher Pass. We kicked the skiers out of the vans at 732 feet of elevation at the bottom of the pass, and picked them up at the top of the pass at 3,083 feet of elevation. (That's about 715 meters of elevation gain, for our Euro readers.) Often, we're using our snow skis at Hatcher Pass at this time of year, but it looks like the snow is a coming a little later this year. It's cold enough for snow, though:

If the team's van driver wants to go rollerskiing with the team, he has to stash his rollerskis in the bushes at the bottom of the pass, drive to the top and park the van, get on his road bike, and start the day with about ten minutes of downhill riding - 50 miles per hour at 23 degrees F.  Warm clothes are recommended.

This must have been a "coachable moment"

It was starting to snow as we left Hatcher Pass

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