Friday, March 4, 2016

Smiles, Everyone!

The UAA Ski Team has arrived in Steamboat to begin their final preparations for the NCAA Championships and by the look of things, everything's been smooth sailing so far.  Ricardo Montalban would be in heaven right now (or perhaps he's already there) if he could see the smiling faces on this team!

Use of the bellman's cart for something other than it's intended purpose.  
As for me, I leave for Greenland in a few hours, which means that this blog will be doing double-duty for the next week. This space will be the de facto Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska XC Ski Team's blog for the next week, where I'll try to find time to let our young athletes' friends and family back home know that their children (for some of whom this will be their first trip away from home without parents) are still alive and haven't been grabbed by polar bears or fallen into a crevasse on Greenland's ice sheet.  And I'll also try to post UAA Ski Team championship updates if my ass coach intern, Mario, gets me some good material.  

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