Tuesday, March 8, 2016

NCAA's Start Tomorrow

There's no news from Colorado.  NCAA's has not yet begun.  Racing begins tomorrow.  I have received spy photos, though.  Having no story to go with them, I will make something up and then the team can tell me how accurate I was when I catch up with them next week:

The weather in Steamboat has been, as Etienne would say, "insane". Though the place is known for its "champagne powder", it rained like crazy and everyone was really weirded out about it. That looks like Mt Werner in the background.
It's been a tradition to do a workout on Rabbit Ears pass for a little extra altitude acclimatization.  Thus, the team will come down in altitude to Howelson Hill for their races.
Here's the team at Rabbit Ears Pass in standard mode.
And here they are in zany mode.

(I received a third photo from the same place, but I can't post it because this here is a family blog.)
A typical daytime scene for Andrew, getting medieval on the skis. 
Eveningtime Andrew.  The trivia master himself, enjoying a soothing glass of milk.
Racing begins tomorrow.  I bet you can catch all the important stuff here, including the TV coverage. And I think there's something interesting here, too, but I couldn't watch it because I'm in Greenland and I don't think I'm able to get the full interweb experience. I think it's a video. If it's good, let me know what happens.

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