Friday, March 11, 2016

The Relay

Yesterday was a blustery day here in Greenland.
It was also a relay day.

It was a good day to wear some kind of eye protection.
And there was no shame in using the handrails.
I found the team hanging out in a storage van.

Then they made their own structure.

Awards were held in the tent.
Galen shoveling spindrift out of the waxing room. The day had the feel of a mountaineering trip in the St. Elias Range.
But there were breaks in the weather now and then.
Skiers who were not on their delegation's "A-team" were assigned mixed teams. Noah Ravens and Putalik from Nunavik needed a third skier for their relay team, so I joined them.  Galen joined another team. This is Putalik from Nunavik.

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