Sunday, February 28, 2016


The RMISA season is done. One more weekend of college racing ahead - the only one that counts - the NCAA Championships next week in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Andrew and Sara announced the team that will be competing at NCAA's next week. It'll be Pati, Mackenzie and Casey for the women.  And it'll be Luca, Etienne and Toomas for the men.  For the first time in quite a while I won't be able to make it to NCAA's this year because I have another ski-racing obligation that week. But Mario has graciously offered his services as volunteer assistant coach for the week. (Good luck getting any sleep next week, Mario. Sara and Andrew like to work in the wax room until well after midnight and then get up well before dawn.)

For the alpine team, it'll be Maria Gudmundsdottir, Isabella Andreini and Charley Field for the women and Curtis McKillop, Sean Alexander and Hughston Norton for the men.

We are now en route back to the homeland from the Denver airport.  The NCAA skiers will have three and a half days of school and training before returning to Colorado on Thursday. At least they'll be traveling light.  We left most of our ski stuff in a parked van here in Denver, to be fetched in a few days when we come back.

Sorting and repacking bags to be left in Denver until the team's return in three days.

Mario was knighted this morning at DIA in his loaner volunteer assistant flouro-mask.  It was a perfect fit!

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