Monday, February 22, 2016

In Ranchera Country

We're out on another road trip. Time flies when you're having fun. Here are pictures.

On the climb out of Anchorage.  Harriman Fjord in Prince William Sound. Flights in and out of town are good for scouting new backcountry ski lines.
We're in Red River New Mexico.  "Stand your ground" territory, apparently...

...and after shopping for your personal protection supplies, you can pick up some Jesus Stuff.
We raced yesterday and today, but I didn't make it out to yesterday's race.  Alix wrenched her knee running slalom the day before. Spent the afternoon at the local hospital. There's no more skiing for Alix for this winter, so no point in sticking around here. She's off to see the orthopedic docs back home in Anchorage.  I gave her a lift back to the Denver airport so she could get home and get started on her recovery.  Dr. Sean, Dr. Chuck, and Dr. Bella have preliminarily diagnosed it as a torn medial collateral ligament. We'll see if they get concurrence from the docs with actual medical degrees. We're all hoping for a quick recovery for Alix. She's going to be badly missed both in the team van and on the result list. When this photo was taken, Alix was well into the Oxycodone. I'd passed her off to the airport wheelchair driver, who desperately wanted to not be in the picture, but my shutter finger was way to quick for him.  Alix probably doesn't remember any of this...



Dr. Von Nostrand


Womens’ pre-race meeting. (add your own caption here)







In the afternoon, we had good slacklining weather.  Here's Martins.

Maria Gudmundsdottir

Bucky taking it to a whole 'nother level.

We went up to the alpine hill to catch the alpiners’ second run.  Here’s Coach Sparky

As the drama unfolds. Etienne, Mario, Von Morrison, Uncle Tom, Chuck, Pati. 

Hughey again

Typisk Hanna


Andrew and Sara


This morning, Bucky and Martins joined us for a little Nordic training.

Probably just about the most athletically talented guy I've ever met - it took Martins about ten seconds to master the sport. He managed to hang on to the training pace for a solid hour and a half.  And he owned every downhill out there.

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