Monday, July 9, 2012

You can call him "Coach"

Last week I realized I have a lot of work to do this summer if I'm going to have any hope of keeping up with any of the UAA skiers next fall when team training begins.  So I headed out to Elliot's Climb at Kincaid Park for my first interval session in a very, very long time to try to do something about it.  About halfway through my session, as I stumbled up the hill, struggling not to trip over my tongue, who should come riding up behind me on his mountain bike looking like Cadel Evans in his BMC jersey, but Lars Flora - UAA's new assistant Nordic coach.   Of course, Lars looked a lot more comfortable going uphill than I.  But that's to be expected because, after all, Lars was racing on the World Cup circuit just last winter.  Lars comes to the UAA Ski Team as a 6-time national champion and a veteran of fifteen World Championship races, seven races at the Olympic Games, and 44 World Cup races.  Not only will Lars bring his experience and expertise from his recent World Cup experiences to the team, but he will surely add to the level at UAA practices in the fall and winter.  Keeping up with Lars will not be easy for anyone.

Like Étienne and Viktor, Lars has his own web site, so you can find out lots more information about Lars at

Welcome to our team, Lars!

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