Monday, July 16, 2012

All roads lead to Hatcher's

Davis and Lasse wanted to spend this afternoon doing rollerski intervals at Hatcher Pass, and they invited me to come along.  I didn't need a better excuse to go out to the garage and see if I could locate my rusty old rollerskis, which hadn't seen any action since last October, so I accepted their offer to come along with them.  The boys told me the plan was to park a car at the bottom of the pass (740 ft elevation), another one at the top of the pass (3,500 feet elevation), and ski 8 x 6-minute intervals on the way up.  It's a workout we have done several times before.  (But I have to admit I've never tried this as my first rollerski workout of the year.) The weather was perfect - no wind, cloudy, and foggy with light rain at the top.

The warm-up

Ready for the first interval.  Showing off their "Alaska tans".

At the start of interval number eight.  Of course I had to take some pictures, so unfortanately I had to skip this one.

Davis and Lasse.

Hatcher Pass Lodge.

Warming down. The snow isn't all melted yet...

The warm-down at the top - Independence Mine.

I think Lasse spotted our parked car!

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