Friday, July 6, 2012

Swiss Miss

The Swiss are known for their discretion.  Think Swiss bank accounts, for example.  Or the Swiss self-defense bunkers scattered throughout the Alps.  Once, while visiting a friend in Davos, I asked her if it was true that there is a series of defense bunkers and tunnels throughout the Alps.  She said, "If there are any bunkers, and I'm not saying there are, I sure as hell wouldn't tell you about them because it's none of your damn business."  The Swiss are a people who know how to keep their secrets.

So I was not surprised when I started this series of blog posts about our new UAA skiers for next year, and had trouble finding out anything about Patricia Sprecher.  Sure, anyone can find some ski results on the internet.  But I was looking for something more interesting.  More personal and colorful.  That's why I keep and maintain a band of minions.  My minions can go out and find out interesting facts and tidbits and bring them back to me so that I can pass them on to you, the inquiring public.
Today, one of my minions came to me with a very interesting paparazzi photo.  It's shocking, really.  Apparently, Patricia Sprecher has already been on the UAA Ski Team, but none of us knew about it.  If you look at the photo below, you'll see that she's already wearing the UAA team jacket.

See what I mean?

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