Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is not about the UAA Ski Team

I travel around Alaska a lot for work.  I seem to spend more time in airplanes than in my office.  The view is definitely better from my "mobile office".  Here are some of the things I saw during the past five days.

Unalaska, in the Aleutian Islands

Unalaska from ground level.

In Unalaska, the eagles are like chickens. There was a barbecue going on next door, and this one was waiting for his chance to steal some grilled salmon.

Iliamna Volcano, near Anchorage.

Togiak from the air.

...and from the ground.

I was not in the plane when this happened - in Togiak.

Near Cordova, Alaska

Looks to me like there's still some good skiing in Cordova.

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