Friday, June 1, 2012

Yin / Yang

The bad news is the weather around Anchorage lately has been cool, rainy, snowy, and kind of wintry, and I haven't gone skiing in the past couple weeks. 

The good news is I haven't been here in Alaska.  I've been riding my motorcycle across the Mojave Desert, where it's been over 100 degrees and sunny - all the time.

One nice thing about using a big dual-sport motorcycle to cross a desert is you don't always need a road.  Sometimes, you can just aim for a spot on the distant horizon and go.

Of course, it's always smart to have enough water to walk to the nearest road... and that can be a long walk.

105 degrees is very hot when you're wearing your armored snowsuit.

My ultimate destination was the Lightning in a Bottle festival in southern California, where I met my friends Andrea, John, Sheila, and about 12,000 other people for four days of music and camping.

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