Saturday, June 30, 2012

Gun Play

Here's an easy trivia question:  What do Alaskans like more than anything else?  Oil?  Coming home to a nice warm igloo in the evening after work? The Hawaiian Islands? 

No, of course not.  If you've spent any time at all in Alaska you know that Alaskans love their guns!  Alaskans like shooting guns.  They like looking at guns.  They like talking about guns....  That's why I think Marine Dusser is going to fit in real well here on the UAA Ski Team.  I came across this video montage of Marine the other day.  Notice anything in common in all the video clips?  That's right - Marine is never far from a rifle.

...and I don't know exactly what this second video is about.  (Marine's not in it.)  But I saw Cracker at Chilkoot Charlie's one evening a few years ago and they were great.

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